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Quick launch …

août 23rd, 2007 | Category: Geek,Software,Tech

Well, well well… every Mac users should know Quicksilver, if not … then you MUST check this.
Quicksilver is an apps that make you launch any application by simply tapping the firsts letters of its name. It’s very usefull, and fast any hardcore computer users will become addicted! I will not describe all the possibility of Quicksilver there’s a lot! but look at this overview from the official project’s website.

But unfortunately this apps is only for OSX… True, but when an apps is as useful as Quicksilver, we can always expect to see some opensource project emerging, trying to fulfils the needs on other platforms. On Linux there’s a project that is very similar (but still lack some finest) and is called Katapult. There’s a feature I really like in Katapult that I did not found in Quicksilver and it is the integrated calculator.

Katapult and Quicksilver can also find a contact in your address book or a specific file name wich you can launch the application associated with it directly.

For the unfortunate that use the OS of Redmond there is Skylight.

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Interclue Firefox Addon …

août 21st, 2007 | Category: Geek,Software,Tech

Today I would like to introduce a firefox addon that I tough is usefull. It’s called Interclue. « But what is Interclue doing ? » you may ask, Interclue is showing you what’s hiding behind a link. It’s very nice, look at this screenshot!

I simply pointed my cursor at the « Tableau de bord » link and hit crtl. It’s cool!
I found this addon when I was reading my Linux news on
Let me know if you like or hate it.

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Biggest Party at ÉTS

août 15th, 2007 | Category: ETS,Funny

Well it’s a long time since I write here, I’m sorry about that. I prefer not to write instead of saying something not interesting. By the way I wish a lot of persons will come to the biggest party at ÉTS (my engineering school) so here is the flyer to give you more information. But I must warn you that it’s really the best school party in Montréal !

If you’re a lady, bring another one and you have a 2/1 ticket!

September 14 !!!

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